Contract notes

Transactions of securities, etc. under an investment advisory contract carry the risk of interrupting the investment principal depending on changes in interest rates and currency prices, fluctuations in market prices and other indicators in the financial instruments market, and credit conditions of counterparties. There is. All the investment results made based on our advice belong to the customer. As a result, the customer will suffer damage…

About complaint handling measures and dispute resolution measures

1.About our complaint handling measures

(1)Complaint reception desk

We have established “Complaint Handling Regulations” and strive to earn the customer’s understanding by responding to complaints from customers, etc. seriously and promptly. The following are the contact points and methods for receiving complaints from our company. …

Declaration of personal information protection (privacy policy)

1.Basic idea
Darwin Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (“Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and personal numbers (collectively “Personal Information, etc.”) and protects it. I think. Therefore, in carrying out business activities, our company is to protect personal information etc…