Company Introduction

Company Profile

Company name Darwin Capital Partners Co., Ltd.
DarWin Capital Partners, Inc.
Headquarters 204 Espatio Jingumae, 2-30-9, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
TEL: +81-3-4582-3731 FAX: +81-3-4333-0307
Established April 12, 2006…

Organizational Structure

Investment advisory services provide high-quality services that meet customer needs through investment advice on customer assets, while recognizing the importance of compliance and sincerely complying with all laws and regulations. I think there is.
We have established a compliance officer who is independent of the department that provides advisory services,…

Corporate history

We have been managing investment funds in the form of investment business partnerships since June 2006, but after registering in the investment advisory business under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act in October 2008, we started managing investment funds in Japan and overseas from January 2009. We provide investment advisory services with the company as a direct customer.

Member introduction: Takafumi Sahoda

Representative Director (CEO/CIO) Takashi Sabota
After graduating from university, joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture Co., Ltd.). As a consultant, he worked on increasing the value of many companies.
Based on this experience, he is engaged in investment management operations that directly face the capital market, and aims to further contribute to investors, business corporations, …

Member introduction: Lee Pui Yee

For 12 years at Bloomberg, Bear Stearns (Japan) Securities Co., Ltd., Mizuho Securities, Cosmo Securities, and Tokai Tokyo Securities, he has been engaged in sales activities for prop traders, analysts, and institutional investors while utilizing Chinese, English, and Japanese.
In particular, Japan utilizing language skills…

Member introduction: Michiyo Naito

Director (in charge of compliance) Michiyo Naito
After graduating from university, joined New Japan Securities (now Mizuho Securities) and was engaged in domestic institutional investor sales as a convertible bond sales sales trader.
After that, sales mainly focused on foreign securities such as Pain Weber Securities (current UBS Securities), Schroeder Securities (current Credit Suisse Securities)